Multi-phased move coordinating with construction team and disposition of assets.

Customized solution

  • Utilizing the GWS Move Process, our team worked with onsite contacts to coordinate and complete a two phase move involving 200 people and a five month construction window.
  • We provided a Green solution for the remaining assets utilizing recycling and donation.


  • Project costs were $56,000.00. By employing Synergy pricing, the client received a cost savings of 22% against market pricing.
  • GWS worked with the local market to provide a custom recycling and donation solution.
  • The move was completed on time and on budget.

Industry: Technology
Geography: Orlando, FL
Square footage: 30,000
Length of relationship: 4
Project value: $56,000
ROI: 22%
Schedule: Multi phase over 5 months
Year completed: 2016
Services provided:
Project Management
Move Labor

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