Multi-phased project included the following: Headcount move to multiple locations, lab relocations, liquidation of three floors, design services to relocate 175 existing workstations, procurement of parts and pieces not accounted for from Designer of Record and accommodation of 25 scope changes.

Customized solution

• Worked closely with the JLL onsite project manager to accommodate a fluid project. Reacted quickly to changes and integrated workflow.
• Turnkey solution, JLL added lab moves after the fact, to ensure a seamless transition. Multiple move phases were utilized to react to the changing construction schedule.


• 280 people needed disconnect and reconnect services, both on and offsite.
• Decommission of three floors of furniture and ancillary items.
• Rapid procurement workstation parts that were not accounted for in original design.
• Overall Savings of 23%.

Client Profile

Industry : Telecommunications
Geography : Sunnyvale, CA
Length of relationship : 5 years
Project value : $190,798.00
ROI : 23%
Year completed : 2017
Services provided : Project Management,
Design and Space Planning, Move Labor,
Disconnect / Reconnect / Lab Relocation,
Installation, Disposition

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