High Value Relocation for Xerox’s Client BATA

Customized solution

  • GWS was tasked with the relocation that required around the clock services for 72 hours.
  • GWS tagged, inventoried and relocated over 3,000 boxes and 95 shelving racks.
  • GWS recorded the chain of custody, supervised by Xerox and BATA employees.
  • A union labor solution was provided in addition to high value insurance for the items.
  • Relocation of 200 employees and a network server.


  • Move was coordinated with a local union labor service center.
  • Project was successfully completed within the 72 hour constraint.

Client Profile

Industry: Government
Geography: San Francisco, CA
Square footage: 105,000
Length of relationship: 5
Project value: $140,850.00
ROI: 25%
Schedule: 3 Day
Year completed: 2016
Services provided:
Project Management
Move Labor
Network Server Move

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